Tuesday, December 13, 2011

9th Meeting

We had our last gathering at Miya’s Sushi house in New Haven. Vaishali D. and I had joked that reading the menu was like reading a book. The menu was so long that it felt a little intimidating. It was my first real sushi experience; I’ve had vegetarian sushi before but I always felt like I was cheating. It would be like going to an Indian restaurant and asking them for a spoon for your curry. You have your hands, duh! Okay- that’s a stretch but you get the idea. Back to the story…  Vaishali Shah has had almost every type of sushi available. Nishal and Vaishali D. have had the more popular kinds. Parul and Jalpa, our group vegetarian have had vegetable sushi. Thank god we made reservations because that place is bumpin’. There was barely any room to stand. A good sign of a good restaurant is where the restaurant is so full that you have to wait outside because there is no bar you can wait at. We asked our waiter to help us with the non-veg sushi. He made his recommendation and we ordered some sushi.
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