About Us

Hi, I'm Jalpa
Favorite kitchen tool? - All utensils in my utensils drawer.
Favorite ingredient? - Garlic and Chilies (I can't pick one)
Favorite flavor of ice cream? - Does frozen yogurt count? I'm simple. Vanilla froyo with hot fudge does it for me.
Favorite alcoholic beverage? - Vino.
Random fact about yourself? - That I'm usually pretty random, but in my head the random thoughts are connected. And I can go 2-3 layers deep in my dreams #inception

Hi, I'm Nishal
Favorite kitchen tool? - Chopping board
Favorite ingredient? - Freshly ground black pepper
Favorite flavor of ice cream? - Haagen Daas Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
Favorite alcoholic beverage? - Stella Artois
Random fact about yourself? - Growing up I always wanted to be a dancer/actress/model

Hi, I'm Parul
Favorite kitchen tool? Knife (can't cook without it).
Favorite ingredient? Onion
Favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookies n' cream or if we're talking healthy, then vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and Reese's pb cup-in moderation! 
Favorite alcoholic beverage? Mojito
Random fact about yourself? Love spinning/cycling. I'm a frozen yogurt-aholic and try frozen yogurt in different cities when I travel near and far. 

Hi, I'm Amisha
Favorite kitchen tool? Wine & bottle opener – two in one!
Favorite ingredient? Garlic
Favorite flavor of ice cream? Anything chocolate. Right now it’s Chocolate Nutty MooseTracks®
Favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer
Random fact about yourself? I have a little coffee maker at my desk that makes one cup of coffee. I love it. Target. Black Friday. $8. Best. Thing. Ever.

Hi, I'm Vaishali
Favorite kitchen tool? Its so hard to isolate just one but If I had to choose it would be my Vidalia chopper..makes chopping very easy!
Favorite ingredient? Ketchup! For those of you who know me well, I put it on everything!
Favorite flavor of ice cream? I'm a chocoholic :)
Favorite alcoholic beverage? I love a good mojito
Random fact about yourself? The question I ponder the most is "where is our universe expanding to?" I mean physically where?!

Hi, I'm Hetal
Favorite kitchen tool? Subway knife - you know the knife from subway
Favorite ingredient? Garlic
Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla
Favorite alcoholic beverage? Pinot Grigio
Random fact about yourself? I am on a conquest for spirituality and I bite my nails 

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