Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10th Meeting

We welcomed Hetal to this exchange and said goodbye to Vaishali Shah. VS has a lot on her plate (you like that?! Haha) and decided her time and attention was much needed to her graduate studies. We totally understand. Maybe one day, when life slows down (ha!) she can join us again.

The theme to this month’s exchange was Southern Cooking. And boy would we have made Paula Dean proud. We had Chicken pot pie, Fired chicken, veggie crab cakes, veggie chili, and a pecan pie. And yes, we ate everything. The two vegetarians (from now on will be knows as Chicks - Parul and Jalpa – for liking chicks not eating them) skipped the two chicken dishes. Everything was either deep fried or involved lots of cream or butter.

We ended the night playing a game that was a combination of Telephone and Pictionary. We literally laughed out loud so much that most of our stomachs hurt. The basis of the game: each person has a stack of paper (preferably the number of papers should be the number of people playing). You start off with writing a phrase. It could be anything. The more bizarre the better or sometimes a simple phrase can be interpreted very differently. So you write that on your paper, then pass the whole stack (including the blank papers) to the person on your left (or right if that’s your thing). Then the person who received your stack reads your phrase and draws it. Then again pass to left. The person who now received the stack looks at the picture and puts a title to it by looking at the drawing. And then they pass it on. The next person looks at the drawing and names it. This continues until the time your original stack comes back to you; you might have a completely different phrase then what you had started with.

Case and point:

All I know is we will definitely be playing this game again. For the next exchange we are going to try some healthy recipes. We felt really guilty as we were eating our fried food. We even decided we would show up in our work out cloths because we were going to exercise.

We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. LMAO again as I am reading the steps of this game! We definately have to play again!..Yeee can't wait! I think everyone should write much bizarre phrases to make this game a little challenge for all!