Monday, March 19, 2012

11th Meeting

After the last exchange we had to get back on track. The evening started with some heavy discussions about the Hindu religion and culture. I was lucky enough to attend Saturday school which taught me a little about my culture and religion. But I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot a lot about it too. Nishal, on the other hand, who can recite the whole mahabratha gave us a brief synopsis of the story. While she was telling us it all came back to me but I could not have explained it the way she did. It was refreshing to talk about our religion.

After that mental boost (I don’t know about your girls, but I really felt good listening to Nishal talk about it) Hetal whipped up some green smoothies. I call them smoothies versus drinks because they felt like drinking a smoothie. The concoction was made of almond milk, spinach and various different fruits. More on that way when Hetal posts the recipe… however, I can no longer say I have not had a banana in 15+ years. It was really delicious. Now we only have to convince Hetal to make it for all of us on a weekly basis. (Queue Ben Stein saying: Hetal? Hetal? Hetal? Anyone?)

Vaishali won’t admit it but she is some kind of a self taught yoga/fitness expert. She taught us some poses that are sure to keep us fit. After that we filled our bellies on two different types of salads and stuffed peppers. Everything was vegetarian. We ended the night with some very interesting dessert. Jalpa served us what was by far for me the biggest surprise of the night- beet sorbet. Yes, beets! The root. And was it delicious!

The only bad thing about the night was that it end way too early. And also that Parul couldn’t make it. Can’t wait till the next one: Indian Fusion!
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  1. Did you re-write this Amisha? What was wrong with the original version?

  2. Yes I had to rewrite it. the original post disappeard. just gone. I have no idea what happened. Last night i was on my ipad and the blogger changed to Chrome or something and when i went to change something (probably a spelling mistake) the whole thing was gone. it was blank. So i went back out and reloaded it and it was blank. i was so POed! Did you save it?!

  3. Thats a bummer! No i didnt save it, i read it yesterday and i just posted my recipe and re-read the intro and thought it looked! Do you like chrome? Isnt it so good? and so fast too!

  4. grrr i have to rewrite my blog post, it got erased when I used my iPad to edit :(