Wednesday, September 12, 2012

15th meeting

Our last exchange was at gouveia winery in Wallingford. It is hard for us all to believe we have a little bit of wine country in Connecticut. It seems like it doesn’t belong here, however we are so grateful that it is. It winery is set on a hill overlooking several mountain. The day was kinda gloomy but the atmosphere was anything but. When we arrived at the winery their “dining” hall was full of people. There were people celebrating all sorts of occasions, whether it be a birthday or a bridal shower or just a date. We arrived and reserved a table indoor because we had shower on and off all day. The last thing we wanted was to get wet and run inside with our food. My only wish is we could have a picnic outside. Maybe next year!
Although no official theme was set, we all gravitated towards cheese. My pallet is still very immature so I don’t get how wine and cheese go hand and in hand but then again, I usually don’t get how wine and food go together either. Personally, I like my food at one time and followed by my wine. But that’s just me. Unfortunately Jalpa couldn’t make it to this one. We missed you, Jalpa! You did miss out on our little “debate” about a Yankee swap Exchange. Coming soon, Yankee Exchange!


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