Tuesday, April 16, 2013

18th Meeting: 5 Ingredients or Less

Our most recent exchange was a 5 Ingredients or less exchange inspired by that Food Network show. We initially thought it would be easy; little did we know how tough it was going to be to cook with only 5 ingredients. We all decided this might have been one of our toughest challenges because we were so limited. I know I for one take all the ingredients I use in my daily cooking for granted. Easily I must use at least 7-8 ingredients in most of my dishes, so to cut down to 5 was a challenge. That being said, once again we were all impressed with what we came up with. Nishal couldn’t make it to this exchange and we missed her; we would have loved to see what she came up with. We created our very first video tutorial {sneak peek: Tofu Parm}, which you guys will get to see later this week. And the best part about the meeting was Jalpa revealed the gender of her baby. We are so so excited to welcome a darling lit… you didn’t think I was going to give that big of a secret away, did you??!?!
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