Monday, December 6, 2010

1st Meeting

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Parul and I (Amisha) were out on the Tuesday of that week when we came across a similar idea. I had been contemplating getting a group of girls together to do some group activities on a monthly base, whether it be just hanging out, cooking, a girl’s night out, or volunteering. I think it's so important to have girlfriends. For me, it was important to identify myself other than a married woman, a sales person, a daughter (in law). I needed to make sure I am all of those very important things and some more. Parul also had a similar idea but a more specific idea. She wanted to start a recipe exchange club. A group of girls that would meet on a monthly base to exchange recipes and much much more.

Anyhoo, we were both so excited that we really didn’t want to delay it another week to kick off this idea. The basic idea would be each girl brings either an appetizer or a dessert. The hostess would provide the drinks and an entrée (later we decided that the hostess should only provide the drinks. There’s more than enough food without us having an entrée).

Parul volunteered to have it at her place. The first hoorah!

Even before we started talking about the recipes we all fell in love with Shayni’s new sweater, or like she calls it – the jumper. Oh those English and their fancy words. She bought it from Express and we instantly decided we all wanted it.

-- Amisha
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