Tuesday, February 18, 2014

23rd Meeting

We hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day. We sure did. Jalpa hosted it with her husband and adorable baby girl, MJ.  We celebrated this exchange with our husbands. But to be honest with you it was almost like they weren’t there. They congregated in their little corner (in front of the TV) and we in our little corner (kitchen/dining room). That being said, the husbands had a blast. Parul’s husband even suggested we should do this on a monthly basis with them. Haha. Funny guy. They were impressed with the food, presentation, and selection. It was quiet funny hearing reaction from our husbands later. This is the first time they were all invited to an official exchange and their experience was a positive one.

We started the day with two appetizers: a spinach salad and eggplant caponata made by Vaishali and Parul. We then moved on to pasta with chicken dish (still remains to be named) made by yours truly. And lastly we ended our meals with a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache by Nishal and a red velvet cake made by Jalpa. 

The two little babies, MJ and Ayu, finally met. They had last “met” when they were in their mommies’ bellies.  And speaking of little one, we’ll have one more to add to the bunch – Vaishali’s baby número two. It’s exciting to see our little exchange family grow. When we started this we had one little baby and by the end of this coming summer we will have 5!

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