Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd Meeting

I had such a great time at this second meet. It was long overdue. During the 1st meeting I had decided I would make these stuffed cupcakes that I found a recipe for like 6 months ago. Unfortunately I didn’t make those. We had to change the day from Saturday night to Friday night and I had no energy to make the cupcakes. So instead I took the easy way out and made this peach streusal cinnamon cake. Sandra Lee has nothing on my semi-homemade cooking.

I started off using a larger baking pan to make this in, but ended up using a small pan, which resulted in this:

We all had a good laugh and now we know that a small pan like that cannot hold two boxes of cake and peaches.

You live and learn.
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  1. I still cant believe THIS! (above) turned into...THAT! (look at first picture :)

  2. Oh man! this was a good laugh. and it still tasted yummies :) i say we try to make an "explosion" cake. meaning the cake batter has to be cooked but somehow get things to oooze out of it lol. Though, just not in the oven.

  3. LOL - Jalpa you can try that for the next time you have to make a dessert. hehe