Monday, January 17, 2011

Jalpa's recipe: Stuffed RAW red peppers (not baked? you got it!)

- one or two fresh red peppers, cut into slices to create "scoops"
- 1 can baked black beans (rince well, NOT straight from the can), tossed with fresh grated garlic, cumin, 1 small onion diced, and olive oil
- lemony-avacado sauce (smash 2 ripe avacados + 5-6 tablespoons of almond milk + juice of 1 lemon + ground black pepper...mix all together well in a bowl or a food processor)
- seeds from one pomegranate

some assembly required:
1) start with the red pepper scoops on a serving plate
2) add in the seasoned baked black beans
3) top with some avacado sauce and pomegranate seeds
(you could also leave the beans, avacado sauce, and pomegranate seeds separate to use as dips instead, and let your guests scoop as much or little as they want)

enjoy as a snack, appetizer, dinner, whenever you want something fresh and RAW

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  1. This was amazing! Tasty and super healthy. I would use this as a meal during summer, when you just want to eat something light (add more portions than the recipe calls for of course).

  2. This one was awesome. i couldnt stop telling my cousins about this the next day. It was so refreshing. This is one of those recipes that you can taste all the ingridents.

  3. thanks girls. this was a product of rushing to make the Exchange on time, not knowing how to make "traditional" stuffed peppers, and only having a few things around :)