Thursday, June 16, 2011

6th Meeting

Vaishali Shah hosted our 6th meet (OMG- have we been doing this for 6 months already?). It's amazing how time flies. I look forward to our monthly exchanges so much. It's the one day a month I get to try something new if no other day. I love the fact that all we do during the exchanges is eat and talk and drink! My mom is kinda getting into the meets. After all the meets, she asks what the menu was and what new thing I learned. I think she secretly wants to join our meet.

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. It was a perfect day for a grill-a-ton. The object this month was to grill everything, including dessert. And did we grill! I was the only one in the group that broke the rules and didn’t make anything grilled. I was supposed to make stuffed mushrooms which we would later grill; the morning of the meet when I went to buy the mushrooms, I was left disappointed. The mushrooms were old and brown. Being 6 months pregnant in 85 degree weather was not fun. I was pooped from running errands all morning and just didn’t have the energy to go to another grocery store. So instead I decided to make an Asian Salad that I had at a Pampered Chef party. I had never made it and it was easy enough to make last minute.

We started off with the salad which was almost ice cold. Then went on to Vaishali D.'s chicken satay, followed that by Nishal's grilled paneer skewer with veggies. We took a little break before we had Parul's homemade veggie burgers. Parul’s burgers were so good that we inhaled them and then realized we didn’t take a picture of them quarter pounders. Lastly ended the night with Jalpa's grilled fruit and homemade whipped cream. The girls enjoyed VaiShah's sangria; whiled I enjoyed some H2O. We also had two furry guest with us this time and a baby. Krish joined us and stole the show. I was amazed that he fell asleep in his stroller – that’s my kinda kid. Meanwhile my little furry baby, Raka terrorized VaiShah's furry nephew, Sammy.

Here are some pictures from the meet:
Checking out the

How many girls does it take to make whipped cream?

Krish going for Sammy's water

Krish & Nishal

Viashali making the whipped cream

ViaShah spraying down the grill

Me just hanging out

Sammy & VaiShah
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