Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asian Salad

Salad greens
Cooked pasta
Mandarin orange
Soy & ginger dressing

Cook the pasta and cool. I used bow tie this time, but I guess you can use any. I think I would use angel hair next time to give it a noodle-y look. If using canned mandarin orange - drain, dry and cool. You can be fancy and julienne your carrots, cucumbers and ginger. If you don’t want to be fancy, thinly slice them, especially the ginger. I would use a potato peeler on the ginger because you really don’t want to bit down on a big piece of ginger. As you know, I cheated and bought the dressing. I used Ken’s Steakhouse but I am sure you can make it at home. Although, I don’t have a recipe, this is what pampered chef says:

cup rice vinegar
tablespoons soy sauce
teaspoons Asian Seasoning Mix
teaspoons sugar
cup vegetable oil

The Asian seasoning mix is a blend of  citrus, ginger and peppers, inspires poultry, pork, fish and seafood.

I think I will just go with Ken’s Steakhouse in the future. Haha. Mix all ingredients and serve chilled.
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