Friday, May 11, 2012

Masala Pasta

1 box of pasta
1 package of sausage (I usually use Turkey but this time did Veggie)
2 tablespoon garam masala
2 tablespoon of spicy paste
1 table spoon of oil
½ teaspoon of cumin
½ teaspoon of mustard seeds
1 onion
1 bell pepper – green and red
1 tablespoon of corn starch
Salt and pepper

How to make spicy paste:
1 cup of chilis, ¾ cup of garlic, ¾ cup of ginger. Prep them for blending. Blend into a paste (as smooth as possible). You will have more than you need for this recipe. I usually freeze mine so I can have it ready for the next time I need it. It’s the best trick ever. I swear I am a more efficient cook because of it.

1.       Boil pasta
2.       Chop the onion and peppers
3.       Heat oil in a pan; once the oil is hot add the cumin and mustard seeds. Once they are done popping add the spicy paste,  a little turmeric, and then the onion and peppers.
4.       Add the sausage so it cooks with the veggies. The juices from it will marinate and help with the flavor. I have used precooked sausage and uncooked. You can do either. Obviously uncooked will take longer.  Cook at medium heat
5.       While cooking add salt and pepper and also the garam masala.
6.       Once the sausage is cooked, turn up the heat to get a nice sear on the meat and veggies.
7.       Once everything is cooked, dissolve the corn starch in a half cup of cold water and add to the mixture to make a gravy or sauce.
8.       Let that cook for about 10 minutes on low heat. The sauce should be spicier than what you are used to because the pasta will take that bite away.
9.       Once the sauce is ready, add the pasta, and enjoy!
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