Sunday, December 9, 2012

16th Meeting - Ugly Sweater Exchange

How is it possible that we haven’t seen each other in almost three months. I hosted the Holiday Exchange this year right around the time of our 2nd Anniversary. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. I feel like we were just talking about Shayni’s sweater and how we are all going to go get it. We were going to be The Sisterhood of the Super Cute and Trendy Sweater!  The group has lost a couple of members but gained a couple as well;  but for the most part we are stronger than ever. The reason why this works is because we are all dedicated to this. It’s that one time of month (no not that time) where we get to hang out with each other and just eat, dance, joke, play games, drink, bitch, learn some new yoga moves (Vaishali, I think we need another session!)and if nothing else we get to go away from real life for just a few hours.


This exchange was a little different than our usual exchange. First and foremost, Hetal and Vaishali couldn’t make it to this so felt their absence. Second, the husbands were invited. And third, it was an Ugly Holiday Sweater Exchange. I was so happy to see that everyone participated; even though a couple of outfits were a lot less ugly, might I even say something you can wear on a daily basis. You know who you are!

The guys got in the spirit and also got their Ugly Sweater on. This was the first food exchange with the guys (we did a haunted house exchange with them last year) and they were pretty impressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to make this an annual thing. There was a lot of bromance going on too (again, you know who you are!) But the problem with having the guys are is that they kind of segregate and start talking… boy stuff! They practically talked about a boxing match the whole night and then ordered it and watched it in front of us. The nerve! So we did what we do most time when the guys are not invited. We played a game. Uno. Unlike the boxing match there was no knock out! One game went on for what felt like infinity and since we couldn’t find a winner, we called it a night at 1:30AM.
We started the night with a signature drink made by yours truly and continued with some apps made by Parul and I. Moving on to a delicious salad made my Nishal-  followed by the entree made by me and super garlicy garlic bread. And lastly ending it with made-from-scratch dessert by Jalpa, and a semi-homemade dessert by me. 
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