Monday, June 17, 2013

19th Meeting - BBQ

Although our theme this was BBQ we didn’t really have too many traditional flavors of BBQ. 1) Because we are creative and always try to think outside the box 2) although most of us eat meat there is just so much meat you can eat. SO for that reason we always try to have vegetarian options. Parul hosted this exchange and she made a really great Peach Iced Tea. More on that later this week… This week was extra special because this was the first time we all met since Nishal told us she was expecting. We teased her about not showing already but very seriously told her she probably won’t show because she’s tall and thin to begin with and it’s her first pregnancy. We are so excited to have two new exchange babies this year. 

We started the day off with Jalpa’s stacked salad which was so refreshing and creative. Leave it to Jalpa to make a salad that you can eat without utensils. Next we moved to Nishal’s shrimp ceviche. Now the two times I have tried shrimp, I hated it. But this I can probably eat a bowl full of. We moved on to Vaishali’s and my meal next: BBQ Chicken flat bread and baked beans on baked potato. Growing up vegetarian there were limited options during BBQs. Baked beans (BB) were a staple during those times. I remember having family parties and the BB was the star of the show. But back then the BB came from a can and that’s why it was such a proud moment for me that I can make them from scratch. Watch out Bush! Vaishali’s BBQ chicken flatbread was savory and light. And we finally ended our 3 hour meal with Grilled Peaches with Ice Crème that Hetal grilled.  Um, can i have some more please?
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  1. this was so much fun...good times catching up