Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12th Meeting

Our Fusion Exchange was awesome. Even though it was a short (time wise) exchange we made the most of out it. We started with some Mango Lasi that Vaishali made for us. We topped it off with a little bit of Irish crème liquor. We soon realized that adding too much of the liquor curdles the lasi. Once we noticed that it had curdled, we stopped drinking it. So my suggestion for the mango lasi is to skip the booze. Next we enjoyed three different types of sushi made my Jalpa. It was her first time making sushi and boy did she do an exceptional job. If I hadn’t seen her make it, I would have thought the sushi was store bought. Next we enjoyed a little bit of Masala pasta with vegan sausage that I made and a Tikka Pizza (chicken for us, and paneer for the Chicks) that Hetal made. They both were excellent. Masala pasta (with chicken or turkey sausage) is something that I often make and I have a feeling I am all going to start making the tikka pizza as well. After eating all these things we literally couldn’t eat anymore.

That night we were all going to celebrate Parul’s 30th birthday. So some of the girls start getting ready to go out. Meanwhile some of the girls teased Vaishali for not letting us know she was going to see the most glorious, talented, and gorgeous man in the world. The biggest Bollywood heartthrob: SRK! He was given special recognition at Yale University and Vaishali had landed tickets to go see his speech. The exchange was hosted by Vaishali at her other house and while she was giving us a tour we discovered one of funniest moments in the night (at least for me). There is a picture taken of the family right around Nishal’s wedding (before Vaishali married into the family) where Nishal was photo-shopped in. The Photoshop job was done well, but it’s the actual picture of Nishal that the photographer used that was funny. Everyone in the picture is dressed up in their finest Indian clothes, but Nishal is in her wedding garb. That picture looked like it was the poster for an Indian serial (equivalent to an American Soap).

We ended the exchange (not the night) with my Sweet Peagon Pea Balls and Nishal's Tiramisu crepes. We swore we would only have a bite each but ended up having 3 crepes between the 6 of us.
This exchange almost reminded me of the pizza exchange. Remember when we were those 6 little piggies?!

After the exchange we headed over to Rooftop 120 in Glastonbury to celebrate Parul’s 30th. We all had so much fun and decided one of the exchanges should be of us all going out drinking and dancing. A girl’s night out. But this time, Nishal will be required to come. That night Nishal couldn’t come out with us b/c her husband had a “cold”. So we did what was necessary, we photo-shopped Nishal in the picture. Look at all of us having a good time. Ha!
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  1. Ha! omg Amisha, great job with the photoshop...if i didnt know better the pic looks almost believable ;)

  2. Amisha, if you can make my head look little smaller then no one can tell I wasn't there with you girls!! hehehe!!

  3. HAHAHA! Just seeing this now (yes, this is how I choose to spend my Friday evening). Good job with the blog and the pic Amisha!