Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3rd Meeting

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

I must say we are super talented. I bet if the six of us opened up a restaurant, we would make some decent dough… pun intended!

Speaking of dough… WOW! Paurl is a master at making pizza dough. I don’t know how she does it but it’s awesome. I love how it’s so workable and tasty. I usually have to use a roller to roll out my dough, but not hers. Her dough can be worked with your hands. The best part about her dough is how fast it is ready to be eaten. I think she made one of the batches at like 6pm, and by 7:30-8pm it was ready to be eaten.
Shayni couldn't make it because her lil man was sick. We welcome Nishal to her first Exchange!
Let’s talk toppings!! We had five different pies and one that we just couldn’t make because we were so stuffed.

We started the night with Vaishali’s Margarita Pizza
Moved on to Jalpa’s Greek Pizza
Then we had Vaishali Shah’s Mexican Pizza
And ended by your truelys Eggplant Pizza
Nishal’s pesto pizza didn't make it to our now stretched out stomachs… so we took it home.

Jalpa also had plans to make a dessert pizza, which I’m kinda happy to say we didn’t get to that night. (Side Note: Jalpa and I made the dessert pizza at my house the next day on naan and it was delish).

There we were 6 little piggys sitting around Vaishali D’s island eating 4 whole pies of pizza!
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  1. Thanks Amisha! Although I was stuffed beyond belief, this one was tons of fun! I finally posted the dough recipe- let me know how it turns out.