Monday, March 21, 2011

4th Meeting

We decided to have a breakfast style exchange. I envisioned mimosas and cappuccinos. Unfortunately not all the girls could make it to this one, but that was okay with the four of us because that only meant more food for us. Nishal, Vaishail D, Paurl and I met at my place. Nothing went wrong as far as the recipes go. I was blending my cappuccino mixture and it did explode but nothing like Meeting #2. Nishal made homemade hash browns and they were delicious!! Vaishali made pancakes from scratch- that’s right now bisquick here. Parul made a potato & spinach frittata or was that a quiche? She’ll have to clarify. Lastly I made cappuccinos for the three and opted for the OJ.

Nishal making her hash browns

Parul and Vaishali enjoying their cappuccinos

Vaishali making her pancakes and me lurking in the background

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  1. Great pics! That first pic with all the items is AMAZING! Magazine worthy...hmmm.