Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eggplant Pizza

Pizza pie
Cheese (mozzarella, or ricotta)
1 Egg, beaten
Bread crumbs
Salt & Pepper
Italian seasoning
Red pepper flakes
Oil for frying

  1. Cut the eggplant in thin slices. The thiner the slices the less “eggplanty” they taste. I would say about ¼ of an inche slices
  2. Salt the eggplant and let it sit
  3. Add some (or a lot) oil to a pan. You can super dip fry them or just “dry” deep fry the eggplant
  4. Add some water in the egg
  5. Mix some flour, bread crumbs, salt & pepper, Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes
  6. Coat the eggplant in the flour/bread crumb mixture
  7. Dip the coated eggplant in the egg
  8.  Make sure the oil is hot and put in the pan
  9. Once they are brownish on both side, remove and add on the pizza as a topping.
  10. Prepare the pie with some sauce and cheese. Spread the eggplant on the pie generously. You can use just Ricotta instead of Mozzarella. I personally used Mozzarella because I’m not a big fan of ricotta
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