Thursday, March 27, 2014

24th Meeting: Soups and Sandwich

Soups and sandwich are one of my favorite meals. Besides it being the best day of work week, my coworkers and I get soup on Fridays. We even have coined “Soup Fridays” at work. There is nothing like a nice hearty soup on a cold winter day. And even though it’s officially spring we can still enjoy soups for then next month or so. 

Vaishali hosted the exchange at her brand new house this time. The house is tucked away from the main street and is surrounded by trees. I will have to convince her to have another exchange with soups and sandwiches in the fall, while we sit out on her patio enjoying the outdoor fire place and just taking in the beautiful foliage that is bound to be present.  She served us homemade bellini. Jalpa served us homemade tomato soup with a spin; you’ll read her recipe to see what she did different than traditional tomato soup recipes. Nishal made these delicious Vietnamese sandwiches. I have to say that was the first time I had any sort of Vietnamese food. I’m glad my first experience was a pleasant one.  I made these vegetarian paninis that I have been dying to make – thank you Pinterest!  We ended the evening with Parul’s three different kinds of cookie (from scratch) sandwiches – yum! 

I am so looking forward to our next meeting – Tapas!
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