Friday, March 28, 2014

Spinach and Avocado Panini

Ripe avocado – you won’t need the whole if you’re making just one sandwich.
Handful of baby spinach
American cheese
Goat cheese (mine had olives in it)
Rye bread
Panini press

1.      Take two slices of bread:  butter one side of the bread (that goes on the Panini press) and spread chimichuri on the other side.
2.      Layer with cheese, then spinach, then crumple some goat cheese, add some avocado slices, another slice of American cheese. Cover with the second slice of bread – chimichuri side down.
3.      Put it on the Panini press and wait for magic to happen.
4.      Enjoy with a side of the chimichuri or on its own. 
there is one picture missing - the top bread (right before the finished product). Also picture shows two paninis being made at once.

This was inspired by this recipe 
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